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Wearing styles for all your adventures

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Attach your Milo

Wear Milo on your upper body near your mouth and ears, in a position where you can easily reach it with one hand if, for example, you need to mute your Milo. You can choose different wearing styles depending on your attire or activity. You can also mount you Milo on a handlebar or a backpack.

Armband Clip

Velcro armband with clip for Milo Action Communicator™. Non-slip grip pattern and adjustable strap for a comfortable fit. For when you prefer to not attach your Milo to your clothes or equipment.


Bike Clip

Clip with elastic band and curved grip for mounting your Milo Action Communicator™ on a bike handlebar or other rounded bars.


Action Clip

General purpose clip with elastic band for Milo Action Communicator™. Ideal for mounting your Milo on a bag strap, the side of a helmet, or anywhere that’s convenient.


Collar Clip

Clip for wearing your Milo Action Communicator™ attached to the collar of a jacket, or to the neck of T-shirt, or sweater.


Pocket Clip

Clip with spiral coil for wearing your Milo Action Communicator™ on the outside of a zippered pocket. Slide the spiral coil onto the pocket opening, snap in your Milo, and secure by closing the zipper, leaving Milo outside the pocket.