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Neck Gaiter

Neck warmer made out of 100% Merino wool.

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Armband Clip

The non-slip grip pattern and an adjustable strap gives you the perfect fit when you prefer to not clip your Milo™ directly to your clothes or equipment.

CHF 39.95

Bike Clip

The curved rubber grip and elastic band lets your mount Milo™ in the ideal location on your bike handlebars.

CHF 19.95

Action Clip

This versatile clip is ideal for mounting your Milo™ on a bag strap or the side of your helmet.

CHF 19.95

Collar clip

Wear your Milo™ on the collar of a jacket, or to the neck of a t-shirt.

CHF 29.95

Pocket Clip

The clip's spiral coil lets your wear Milo™ on the outside of a zippered pocket. Slide the coil onto the pocket opening, snap in your Milo™, and secure in place by closing the zipper.

CHF 29.95

Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:MA-BUF-01-W
Product weight:0.01 kilograms